2021 A Year For Gratitude

I learned when we started speaking Hawaiian at home that mahalo was "thank you," but used in a different type of sentence structure, it also means, "gratitude." Itʻs the verb and noun which in my opinion is a better way to represent the essence of the what being grateful is.

My parents raised me to say "thank you" often so I am great at saying it to everyone about everything, but being grateful is much more than that. It's recognizing your blessings, taking a moment to imagine not having them, and then giving credit to where credit is due for those things you've been given.

Sometimes it is too easy to forget about all of our blessings so I have made it a goal this year to write a thank you note a day! I have already missed a few days, but not a day has gone by where I didn't remember the goal, think about gratitude and some of the things I am grateful for.

This is important to me, because I have seen that when I am truly grateful I am more patient, more kind, and more happy and those are all things that I need to be as a busy mom trying to keep peace at home and run a business!

I want to share my gratitude goal with all of you and invite you to write some thank yous this year to the people that need it the most. I think you'll find that you always get the most when you give.

Please feel free to use my card templates that you can download and print by clicking on the links below the picture. These cards have the prints from my Anuenue Collection and are the perfect splash of color to brighten every day that 2021 will bring.

** NOTE: These cards are only to be used for personal use and strictly no alterations to the cards are allowed to be made. Any changes to the cards, reselling of the cards, or claiming them as your own are violations of copyright laws. **


Ohia Lehua Card Template

Ilima Card Template

Kaunaoa Card Template

Maile Card Template

Hinahina Card Template

Ukiuki Card Template