What the Mommade Market Taught this Mom

Guys, I’m a real person. I compare, I feel sad, I get excited and scared. I make mistakes - and I don’t mean that in a my-mistakes-aren’t-a-big-deal-because-everyone-makes-mistakes kind of way, but as a way to reach out to all of you who have felt imperfect at times.

The year is already halfway over and I just have to tell you the 3 biggest things I realized this past week and why the heck I’m still going at all of this.

Last week was alll prep and no play for the mommade market at Kahala Mall. I think I got an average of 4 hours of sleep every day - and that was only because Malu would get mad at me if I didn’t come to bed at all. Pili was living off of those squeeze bags of mashed fruits and veggies and the occasional fast food french fry. To say I was unprepared for the event is only going to give Malu yet another opportunity to say, “I told you so,” so I won’t say it.

In the wake of the chaos, there were out-of-body experiences were I saw a dream chasing woman I almost didn’t know because her priorities were so out of place. There were painful moments where my babies were crying because they wanted attention and I unnaturally ignored their voices and kept my eyes on my work because I just knew I would have nothing done if I stopped.

So here’s realization number 1: I need to better balance my work and family life from here on out, I’m going plan events and projects in a way that won't put my family relationships in jeopardy. More than that, I don’t even want to miss out on these moments in my children’s lives. I want to be their mom and be present for them and my husband.

Realization number 2: I can most easily be myself 1 - in person and 2 - in writing so although every Instagram strategist will tell me to video talk to all of you, I’m going to go with my gut and cut back on those types of videos. I just have a really hard time feeling genuine talking to a phone screen, especially when it's in selfie mode and I can see myself!

And realization 3: You Instagram and online people are really great. I mean that. Many of you have been following me for a few months now and some a couple of years. I just can’t believe that you’re still here as I’ve made a fool of myself, barfed my heart out, and asked for your support numerous times. Meeting some of you at the market was life-changing. It was a reminder that the world still has good, kind, and uplifting people and that together, people can make a difference. Thank you to those that give, to me, to others, to those you love. I’d like to be more intentional in the way I give to all of you.

For those of you that came to the market - thanks for stopping by! For those of you that came and spoke Hawaiian - Ua hauʻoli nō māua ʻo Malu i ka launa pū ʻana a ke kamaʻilio ʻana me ʻoukou! For everyone else - this week I’ll be putting up on my site some of the items I sold at the market in case you were interested, but couldn’t make it. 

The year is halfway done my friends, I would love to know what’s on your hearts and minds too for what the rest of this year might bring.