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Maile - Kaulumaika x Kaleimamo Collaboration

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This is a collaboration collection with Kaleimamo Hawaii. To learn more about or shop their products visit their site. 

Maile is an indigenous Hawaiian shrub, which produces a vine with shiny, fragrant leaves. The new growth of maile is intertwined to create long, twisting lei that can symbolize the pilina (relationship) between two partners, intertwining their individual lives to become one. Maile is also sacred to the goddess of hula, Laka. There are many varieties of maile named for their distinct appearances, including maile lau lii, (small-leaved maile) maile lau nui (large-leaved maile), maile hai wale (brittle maile), maile kaluhea (sweet maile), and maile pakaha (blunt-leaved maile).

Items Specifications

Item Size Fabric Content
Kapa Moe 60x80" 95% Poly 5% Lycra
Pareu 44x68" 100% Rayon
Kapa Moe Keiki  47x47" 95% Bamboo 5% Lycra


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