Nā Lei o Hawaiʻi

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"He lei poina ʻole ke keiki," - ʻŌlelo Noʻeau #740

Beloved children were referred to and still are today in Hawaiian culture as Lei. This is because favored keiki were carried on the shoulders with their legs draped down over the bearer like a lei.

This book not only is a tribute to our precious children, but to lei as well. Think back to an important moment in your life - chances are if youʻre from Hawaiʻi there were lei involved. Do you remember the scent of the flowers, the colors of the composition, the dew of the petals on your neck?

In Nā Lei o Hawaiʻi we learn not only about lei that are native to these islands, but also of the letters in the Hawaiian Alphabet or the pīʻāpā. Hawaiian Language was originally a verbal language which changed when English speaking missionaries came to teach about Christianity. 

These missionaries helped to make a written form of Hawaiian and so youʻll notice that the letters in the pīʻāpā look like some of the letters in the English Alphabet. Don't be fooled though! Hawaiian letters are not pronounced the same. This soft, hand-sewn, minky book with hand painted illustrations will help you and your lei learn the pīʻāpā and native plants associated with the sounds.