Simple Pili Pajama Dress - If I can make this, you can too

Simple Pili Pajama Dress - If I can make this, you can too

When I first started sewing clothing in 2019, I didn’t know much about sewing or patterns. I didn’t know interfacing from lining or common sewing terms, like I do now, but I wanted to make a dress for Pili. I meant for it to be a cute dress she could wear out in public, but I knew so little about sewing that it didn’t turn out like I had in mind. Luckily, it ended up being the perfect pajama dress. (You never quite know what you’ll come up with if you just try). This dress is great because it’s very easy to make and it’s a dress that your little one can easily put on themself

She’s been sleeping in the original dress for years now because she loves it so much and I decided it’s time to make her a new one. This pajama dress is super simple and lightweight. I used Bamboo Knit Fabric the first time I made it, and I used Bamboo Knit this time too. 

The basic shape of the dress is a tank top shape. I don’t have a printable pattern for this dress, but I want you to get a little brave and creative here. See how it’s basically a rectangle with the cutouts at the top for the head and arms? You can totally do this. 

Here’s how I made the Pili Pajama Dress. 

What I used:

  • Serger
  • Bamboo Knit Fabric (1/2 Yard)
  • Rotary Cutters or Scissors
  • Cutting Mat

  1. Fold fabric in half right sides together lengthwise.
  1. Fold in half again width-wise. 
  1. Trace half of a tank top or draw tank top shape . The top of the sleeve lines up with the fold on top (so I don’t have to sew the shoulder part together).
  1. Cut out the hole for the head, the arms and the sides of the dress. (leaving the top of sleeves uncut).
  1. Turn it right side out to measure the length. At this point, you can already see how the dress is almost done. I’ll just sew up the sides and put elastic into the neck line. (So easy!)
  1. Turn it back to right-sides together and sew up the sides. I lined up the sides and serged them because it’s faster for me (but you could use a regular sewing machine) to sew the side seams.
  1. Hem the neckline about half an inch and leave a little gap to insert the elastic
  1. Insert the elastic. I attach a safety pin and send it through the hem. (I tried it on Pili to see how long I want the elastic to be before tying it off or sewing it closed.)
  1. Try it on Pili again

And done! Bamboo Knit is great because I don’t even have to hem the sleeves or bottom of the pajama dress.

She loves it. Plus, she hasn’t gotten a new dress recently since I’ve just been sewing baby stuff. I’m sure this pajama dress is going to get just as much use as her old one. (Hopefully she’ll retire the old one when it really doesn’t fit. Do your kids have a hard time giving up their favorite clothes even when they don’t fit anymore?)

You don’t have to know everything (or even very much) about sewing to give things a try. You might make some mistakes, but you’ll also figure it out along the way. Even if your project doesn’t come out exactly like you wanted, you’re going to learn so much in the process - it’s never wasted. 

So, think of something you’ve been wanting to make and go for it! I’m here to support you and cheer you on.

Here are some extra pictures to help you see how I did it:


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