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May 2022 Updates

May's Collection

Ready for a new collection? Me too! Stay tuned for what we have in the works.

This is Kaulumaika

Redefining the worlds perspective of Hawaiian Culture through creative expression, community building and progressive education.

Our Story

Hawaiian Language

One of the only Hawaiian Language podcasts available, Ka Alala is a podcast for language speakers and learners. Maluhia (the host) interviews an array of speakers and gathers their stories of the past and thoughts on current topics.

Ka Alala Podcast

“I’m so excited [about the books] they are BEAUTIFUL!! Even better seeing them in real life!!”


"I love Emily's beautiful unique style of art that shares Hawaiian birds and flowers and the Hawaiian Language. Each book is a treasure."


"First of all the quality is amazing - this book could substitute as a pillow."


beautiful unique - handpainted indigenous birds, stunning blends of colors


What Brings You Here?

We would love the chance to get to know you. Text us! 808-201-0610 and let us know how our mission can help you.

"Great customer service and great product!"


"Finally someone makes awesome Hawaiian stuff for babies! Mahalo


"Got so many compliments.

I love how unique and original the design as well as he wording is. I was looking for ōlelo Hawaii Tees and this was perfect especially BC my pē is my ʻopihi"


"I love this [ʻopihi tee] and can’t wait to see it on my grand nephew! The seller is wonderful to work with also!"


Maile Collection

Digital Creative Products

Kaulumaika Essentials

Puke Ebooks



Behind the Name

What does it mean?

Kaulumaika means "the disc used in playing the Hawaiian's sport of bowling". In the game maika, a round disc shaped from stone is rolled by the players of the game through 2 sticks placed a distance away from the players. There are multiple versions of the game, but the object of rolling the stone towards the target is included in all versions. Before stones were used, ulu (breadfruit) was cut up to be used as the discs hence the name "ulumaika". The ulumaika symbolizes being in perpetual motion headed towards a common goal.