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  • A Message From the Artist:

    Aloha no Kakou! I'm Emily. I'm a mom of 3 keiki and a self-taught designer and artist. As a Hawaiian who grew up in Kailua on Oahu, I was always proud of my home and proud to be Hawaiian, but I didn't realize until I became an adult - that I knew very little about my heritage. Kaulumaika has been a way for me to share all of the things I started learning about Hawaii with the community and with people like you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to learn Hawaiian?

Before we started Kaulumaika, we decided to learn Hawaiian as a family. Here's all the free resources that we've used over the years to become fluent in the language.

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What brings you here?

Hawaiian Fabric

All of our fabric is inspired by Native Hawaiian plants, people, or stories. Using our fabric helps to share and perpetuate Hawaiian language and culture. Fabric can be purchased and used for personal and business projects.

Hawaiian Language

Hawaiian Language is our origin story and an important part of our family identity. We've put together resources and ways for you to learn with us and the community. Visit our resource page for more information.

Hawaiian Art

We do our best to research and learn about people, events, places, and things before we design or create. While there are many parts of local culture that we love (for exmple spam and puakenikeni), we primarily focus and spotlight what is native to Hawaii. View our design portfolio to learn more.

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