We like to say,

"Pineapples aren't Hawaiian."

If you've heard that rumor before, it ends here.

We support perpetuators of Hawaiian culture by painting endemic, indigenous, and Polynesian introduced plants so that togetherwe can redefine the world's perspective of Hawaii.

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Represent Hawaii by Using Actual Hawaiian Plants in Our Designs

  • More About Emily

    Through her growing social media community, collaborations with popular local brands, and sold-out limited edition products, Emily States has inspired thousands of Hawaiians and Hawaiian Allies worldwide to leave behind the over-commercialized false narrative of what is Hawaiian in order to carry the true one forward.

    Emily is a mom of 3 and self-taught watercolor artist and surface designer. She and her husband focused on revitalizing the Hawaiian language in their family before branching out into Hawaiian plants and other practices. 

    Emily has proven that is doesn't matter what you knew growing up, how "Hawaiian" you are, or how much damage has already been done in this space... if you have a passion for perpetuating Hawaiian language and culture and a voice, you can light a spark in the people around you that gets them EXCITED to learn about the unique beauty of Hawaii and how to respectfully share it's identity with the world.

Want to connect with Hawaiian Culture. Don't know where to start.

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Does This Sound Like You?

Do you feel like you're not "Hawaiian" enough?

It's a common misconception that you're more Hawaiian if you have a higher blood quantum of Hawaiian in your veins. From a Hawaiian cultural perspective - what made you Hawaiian was much more than that.

Does it seem like you're not welcome in the Hawaiian community?

Because of the illegal overthrow of Hawaii in 1893 there have been many years of cultural eraser and shaming. That's a lot of cultrual trauma to overcome and as a result sometimes people aren't as welcoming as they should be, but every Hawaiian and Hawaiian ally has a place here.

Are you frustrated that Hawaii has been innacurately portrayed and commercialized?

The people who initially got rich packaging up Hawaiian culture for sale were largely not Hawaiian by ancestry. It's time that Hawaiians took over telling our own stories and curating what the world enjoys when they visit and view Hawaii.

  • Punahele D.

    "Your content is real. You share your ups and downs, good and bad days. I can totally relate. I love watching your process from start to finish. When you’re not feeling it and redo your pieces to perfection. You stick to your theme. Your native flowers. But not only do you paint them. You educate on them. It’s not like a random person saying ooh that’s pretty let’s sell it. Every flower has meaning and you share its use, which brings value to your art."

  • Sheyla S.

    "[Emily's content] is helpful, with good vibes, to build community. I love that it is very educative on the Hawaiian culture and language. I learn how to respect it and honor it for what it is. It confronts me on my own mistakes and biases in a very tactful and genuine way which I appreciate."

  • Kaimi H.

    What about Kaulumaika resonates with you? "Perpetuating Hawaiian language in a commerce and creative space, in addition to creating an environment that feels inclusive for all."

A podcast for learners and perpetuators of the Hawaiian Language

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