Ulu Crop Top - How to Easily Copy Your Favorite Clothes

Ulu Crop Top - How to Easily Copy Your Favorite Clothes

I realized during this last pregnancy that I don’t have any maternity pictures of me with any of my kids. Remembering this time of life (being pregnant) is important to me, and since this might be my last chance to get a picture of my pregnant belly I set up a photo shoot with my sister.

I didn’t want to go all out with a fancy dress or get all made up (my respects to anyone who has put that much effort into creating their maternity photos). I just wanted a few pictures for family records and posterity. 

I knew I wanted to make a crop top with my signature Ulu print for my maternity photos. I found a simple crop top I liked off of Amazon and was able to copy it and make one of my own. 

What shirt, dress, skirt (or favorite clothing) would you copy?

If you have something in mind, I really think you should try it! 

Recreating clothes I already have is kind of a weird skill I’ve developed. Maybe it’s because my clothes are not that complicated to start with, but I have found a lot of success in just giving it a try, like Pili’s Pajama Dress, I’ve also recreated basic t-shirts and little girl dresses.

Copying your favorite clothes is satisfying and once you know how to do it, you can make it again and again in all of your favorite Hawaiian fabrics

To make the learning process a little easier, I have a couple of tips for you…

  • I highly recommend you use a stretch or knit fabric. They are very forgiving when sewing, especially with the arm and neck holes. In my experience, knit fabrics seem to come out the best.

For my Ulu Crop Top, I used bamboo knit in my Ulu print that I had left over. The bamboo knit is my go to for clothing. It is so cool and soft on the skin. I would make myself a onesie in it, but I’m worried I would  never take it off.

  • Use a serger and/or a regular sewing machine. I use the serger for putting all the pieces together. And I used my regular sewing machine to finish the neckline and sleeves. 
  • Have some experience with sewing. I am all for jumping in, but fair warning - you’ll have more success if you have at least some experience sewing.

Do you have clothes you want to recreate? Just go for it!

I mean it. Developing this skill is all about trying new things and being willing to make mistakes. We’ve talked all about overcoming those hesitations and I shared 5 Sewing Hacks to Help You Make that First Cut. 

I really think you’re going to love having the confidence to recreate your favorite clothes.

What are you going to make first? Tell me in the comments!

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I have a dress that I want to recreate, I am a experienced person in sewing, but my hesitation is ruining some good fabric 😆 I have some of your ulu fabric that I’m holding onto for that perfect item since I haven’t been able to get more because I’m not quick enough to get some, haha


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