Ka Alala

"He alala, he manu leo nui" (Olelo Noeau Book, Mary Kawena Pukui)

This olelo noeau roughly translates into, "It is the crow, a loud-voiced bird". The alala is quickly recognized for itʻs loud and obnoxious voice. It was said of people who talk too loud. I chose this bird and itʻs accompanying phrase as a way to encourage kanaka (Hawaiians) to first learn their olelo, then to proudly use it everyday and everywhere so that our voice becomes quickly recognized like the loud voice of the alala. No matter where we live, our voice will be heard and recognized. 

We recognize that the majority of our people both locally and outside of Hawaii have not been given the opportunity to learn their language. Ka Alala was created to create to give inspiration and opportunity. Here you will find resources that we used to self teach ourselves up until a conversational level. We still use many of these resources to improve and raise our command of the language. We produce video, audio and written content to further reach our audience and give that opportunity. We welcome non-Kanaka as well to use our resources. Many non-Kanaka are our family and friends who want to learn and support where they can. 

 Podcast Notes

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Episode 33 - "Pehea la e hiki ai ia kakou ke kamailio pololei i ka olelo Hawaii?"

Episode 36 - "PIHOIHOI ≠ ECITED"