Kaelepulu's Students' Involvement in the mural

Community and Aina Connection:

The students of Kaelepulu were involved with the entire mural process starting with their relationship with Non-profit Kauluakalana. The students visited Ulupo Heiau in Kailua and worked with Kaleo and Maya of Kauluakalana to learn more about Kailua and the land their school is on.

Classroom Visits

I also visited the students in their classrooms to share more about Kaulu and Kapakapa, the two ili (land divisions) that the school sits on. This is the story and research I shared with them, illustrated and narrated by the 2nd grade glass of 2026:

Stamp Making

Working with their art teacher Ms. Madi, we taught the students about stamps and patterns and had them make stamps based off of the things we had learned from the story of Kaulu, the navigator. Here are the finished stamps of the students which were used for inspiration for parts of the mural:


As the mural progressed to the painting phase. I visited each class again and we talked about the meaning behind the mural and what they were going to paint on the mural. These are the instructions they were given and pictures of them painting on the mural:

3 Requirements for painting stars on the mural:

  • Make your star(s) unique - there are many ways to paint a star! Look up pictures online or look at some of the stars that are already on the mural. Please don't paint any symbols, letters, words, or inappropriate shapes. Any questionable stars will be changed or even removed.
  • Remember where your star(s) is - Navigators need to learn the stars and remember where they are so that they can know where to go. Don't forget where you put your star! Use markings on the murals or nearby stars to remember. You can also take a picture of your star to help you remember.
  • Name your star(s) something meaningful - When you visit the mural in 10 or 15 years with your family and friends what do you want to remember about this time in your life. What is a name, word, place, feeling, or person that is meaningful to you at this time? What is something that you want to remember or others to remember?

Mural Ceremony:

The students of the 5th grade went above and beyond to also participate in the mural dedication ceremony by creating these pieces of art and writing to be shared with the community. Their video and article talk about the meaning behind the mural and the importance of the land that their school is on.


So grateful to the wonderful students, staff, and teachers of Kaelepulu for their hard work in the creation of the mural.