May Lei Challenge

This month we did a community challenge today to learn to draw the 8 lei that represent the 8 Hawaiian islands.

Where did we get the inspiration from?

  • Growing up in Hawaii, we always saw parades and May Day courts that boasted these lei and colors
  • Reading Nanea Armstrong's IG post about where the lei for each island come from. You can read her post here:
  • Looking up one version of the 'Na Lei o Hawaii' song on Huapala. This version is from Reverand Sam Kapu.
  • Listening to Lena Machado, (the Songbird of Hawaii)'s music.
  • Interacting with all of you on Instagram and hearing how you want to learn to draw along with us.

The Challenge:

  1. Draw all 8 lei following our tutorials posted throughout the month:
    1. Lei Lehua - Hawaii
    2. Lei Ilima - Oahu
    3. Lei Lokelani - Maui
    4. Lei Mokihana - Kauai
    5. Lei Kukui - Molokai
    6. Lei Kaunaoa - Lanai
    7. Lei Pupu - Niihau
    8. Lei Hinahina - Kahoolawe
  2. Take a picture of your drawings and post it on IG
  3. Email a link of the post to

The Result:

I was truly touched by the beautiful pieces of art that were made and shared with the community. I especially loved how everyone put their own twist on the challenge and really made it their own, we even had someone make their lei with glass! Please enjoy the gallery of art below from the artists who participated. If you see something you love - go find their accounts, pages, or website and let them know!