The Name:

Naleikamahaokauikalani, broken down:

na lei kamahao kau i ka lani meaning "the marvelous lei placed in the heavens"

The lei are symbolic of the ripples in the mural and also of the children of the community and Kaelepulu Elementary School. Lei are gifts and as children and members of this community, it is our responsibility to be a gift to the community by sharing our talents and time to making it a better place.

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Aloha For Maui

A lei of lokelani and love for Maui and their families.

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Pule For Maui

Keeping a prayer always in our hearts no matter where we are in the world for all those who perished in the fire and also those who survived it.

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Nani O Haleakala

A beacon of light and hope. Haleakala, the home of the sun, gives all of Hawaii hope for better days ahead and a reason to keep giving to and supporting one another.

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