Step 3 - Virtual Assistant Position

Amazing job! You are so on top of this. You've correctly completed the first 2 steps of the application process and now you're ready for the 3rd and final step before we start picking applicants for one-on-one interviews.

For step 3, I would like to know your availability for the position. Please make a new calendar on Google calendar (your own personal account) and block off the hours you would prefer to work within the parameters I am about to give you.

  • 19 hours total per week
  • Three hours a day Monday to Saturday
  • One 1 hour video call meeting with me once a week sometime in the afternoon between 1pm and 4pm and on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

I would prefer the three hours a day to be a full three hour block, but I understand that for some, 3 hour blocks are hard to find. What is most important to me is that the time is not so fragmented that every time you start and stop working you have to spend 10 minutes trying to remember what you were working on previously. It takes some time to get into the zone of working productively and I'd like you to maximize that zone and time.

The other requirement is that the time you work should be time uninterrupted. This means you have a place to go in your home or elsewhere where you can work without being distracted for work hours. I know this can be challenging with a family at home so please make sure you have the necessary help or conversations with your family about those hours. I've had to tell my husband so many times to stop calling me while I'm working to ask me where something he misplaced is at home. 🤪 He still tries to do it, but when I tell him, "honey I'm working right now," he understands and leaves me alone after. This requirement is important because I am going to respect your time when you're not working and I need to trust that you will respect the my time when you are working. 

Those are the parameters and this calendar will give me a good idea of the schedule we will follow if you're hired. Please let me know through email if any of the steps need clarification. After you create your preferred schedule then please send the viewable link to my DMs on my @kokua.kaulumaika account on Instagram. Once you do that then your application is complete and you can wait for me to reach out to you for a video interview if we choose to do one with you.

As always I just want to thank you again for your interest in the position and the time you're taking to complete the steps. I have high hopes that this position will be one that will turn into a long-term career with opportunities for you to grow with us in our company so I am putting extra thought and care into this selection process.

Mahalo nui! - Emily