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E kaulana ana nā mea Hawaiʻi maoli!

- Emily

Pohinahina - Native (Indigenous)

Awa - Native Milkfish raised by Hawaiians in fishponds

Kalo - Native (Polynesian Introduced)

Awapuhi - Native (Polynesian Introduced)

Awapuhi was used to scent and dye tapa. It was used in a variety of medicines and the flowers were used in lei - although the flowers don't last long!

Kamani - Native (Polynesian Introduced)

Koa - Native (Endemic)

Koa is the tallest tree in Hawaiian flora. It can grow to be over 100 feet tall making it very useful for building and carving. Ancient hawaiians used it for their canoe among many other uses. Food for thought: though koa is a beautiful wood, consider using abundant and invasive trees for carving or buying so that our koa trees can continue to grow and live in their natural habitat.

Milo - Native (Indigenous and possibly Polynesian Introduced)

The tree grows well in sand and rock so it is found by the shoreline. It was used to make beautiful dark purple bowls and calabashes. It was also used as a dye.

Pua Kalaunu - Native (Indigenous and possibly Polynesian Introduced)

The tree was used for bowl and platter making. The leaves were used for dyeing fishing lines. The flowers were used in lei.

Pua Kalaunu - Non-Native

The purple crown flower was a favorite of Queen Liliuokalani and a symbol of her reign.

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Kupukupu - Indigenous

Ohia Lehua and Iiwi - Endemic

Akiohala - Indigenous

Lau Kalo - Polynesian Introduced

Puakenikeni - non native but native loved

Melia - non native

Ihiihilauakea - Native Fern

Queen Liliuokalani - Ka moi wahine o Hawaii

Pua Hau - Native Shrub/Tree

La Kuokoa - Timoteo Haalilio, Hae Hawaii, Anglo Franco Proclamation

Lei Maile - Native Hawaiian Plant and beloved Lei

Opihi - Hawaiian (Endemic)

Naupaka Kahakai - Native (Indigenous)

Lai (Ki) - Native (Polynesian Introduced)

Hinahina - Native (Indigenous) 

Holei - Native (endemic)

Kukui - Native (Polynesian Introduced)

Pepee - Native (Endemic)

To learn more about this plant click here:

Kalo - Polynesian Introduced

To learn more about this plant click here:

Hala - Hawaiian (Indigenous)

Plant Identification: Aerial roots and long, slender leaves. The male tree bears a flower called Hinano and the female tree bears bright round fruit that vary in color. (Source: Hawaii.edu)

Hua olelo: (Source: Wehewehe)

Hawaiian Uses: Hala was used in the art of weaving. Hats, mats, bags, and sails were all made by the long leaves of the Hala Tree. (Soure: Amy G.)

Olelo Noeau: "Puna paia ala i ka hala." - Meaning the walls in Puna are fragrant with the scent of Hala. (Source: leiday.org)

Watch how I painted this hala tree here: and paint along with me on your ipad with the same color palette, sketch, and layers I used here:

Palapalai - Hawaiian (Indigenous)

Plant Identification: Bright green fern. The frond is made up of individual blades. (Source: Hawaii.edu)

Hua olelo:

Hawaiian Uses: Hala was used in lei making. (Soure: Amy G.)

Medicine: Said to have been used to treat insanity. (Bishop Museum)

Watch how I painted this hala tree and paint along with me on your ipad with the same color palette, sketch, and layers I used here:


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