Hawaiian Clipart

Aloha Kākou!

All the clipart here is under copyright, if you have any questions about what you are allowed to use it for then please refer to this page.

I would love to see what you create! Tag me or send me a picture through email: kaulumaika@gmail.com or through social media: @kaulumaika.

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To download just left click on the one you want and select "save image". If the quality of the image is low on your project that's because it's meant to be scaled down. Simply make it smaller and the quality of the image should return.

E kaulana ana nā mea Hawaiʻi maoli!

- Emily


Kupukupu - Indigenous

Ohia Lehua and Iiwi - Endemic

Akiohala - Indigenous

Lau Kalo - Polynesian Introduced

Puakenikeni - non native but native loved

Melia - non native

Ihiihilauakea - Native Fern

Queen Liliuokalani - Ka moi wahine o Hawaii

Pua Hau - Native Shrub/Tree

La Kuokoa - Timoteo Haalilio, Hae Hawaii, Anglo Franco Proclamation

Lei Maile - Native Hawaiian Plant and beloved Lei

Opihi - Hawaiian - Endemic

Naupaka Kahakai - Native - Indigenous

Lai (Ki) - Native - Polynesian Introduced