Frequently Asked Questions

Aloha mai kakou! Weʻre the States. We run this business as a family out of our home on Oahu. It is truly a labor of love and team effort! Malu holds up the Hawaiian language and community giveback end and I hold up the creative and operational side Even our kids have to contribute! They model for us and remind us what patience and humility look like. This business supports our family and we work all day every day except Sunday to give all of your our very best. We appreciate you all so much for giving us your time, attention, and support. We hope this page helps to answer some of your questions! Please keep in mind that when we answer these questions we want to help you where we can while maintaining the integrity and uniqueness of our brand and company. 

Where do you get your fabric printed? 

If youʻre looking to print fabric on your own check out: Spoonflower This is a great company that has very low minimums and also a wonderful selection of fabrics to choose from. Sometimes I go on their site just to get inspiration because their library of designs is so vast and beautiful! I print with them on occasion as well as a few other companies, but they are my recommendation for those looking to print their own designs.

Will you be restocking an item?

Time moves fast here! Life is always changing and growing and so is the business so there is never a guarantee that an item will be restocked. Sometimes my suppliers change, my seamstresses move, our understanding of language and culture evolves... who knows?! Many times I have every hope to restock an item and I just never get the time to do it. For all these reasons you should really just buy the items you like when they come out or stick around to see if they come back. Chances are though that if you liked something that I made in the past youʻll like something I make in the future so donʻt worry if weʻre out of something! We always have new products coming.

How did you learn Hawaiian?

If youʻre interested in how we started our Hawaiian Language journey at home - we are SUPER happy to share! You can check out our resource page. Our fb group page. Maluʻs Instagram page @ka_alala and our community Instagram page @hawaiianathome. You can also listen to our 2 podcasts Ka ʻAlalā and Hawaiian at Home on all major listening platforms. Oh and donʻt forget the blog Hawaiian at Home. Why so many options?! Because the journey has been difficult for us and we want to make it easier for you!

What do you use to do digital art?

I use a 12.9" Ipad Pro 2nd generation with the 2nd generation Apple pencil and the app Procreate which is available in any app store. Be sure to check Appleʻs website to see if your ipad is compatible with an apple pencil. Be sure to get Procreate and not Procreate Pocket or something else.

What do you use to do watercolor art?

I use Canson XL paper because of itʻs affordability and quality. I use Koi watercolor pigments along with Daniel Smith Watercolor. My favorite brushes are Silver Black Velvet round brushes and Princeton Heritage Watercolor round brushes.

Do you do custom work?

Yes I do. Right now itʻs on a waitlist system because I get so many inquiries and they are all so different that itʻs difficult to judge when they will all be done. If you would like to submit a request to be on the waitlist then please fill out the contact form below and I will add you to the list. Pricing varies for all projects so pricing will be discussed when it is your turn on the list. You can cancel your spot on the waitlist at any time. If you cancel your spot you forfeit your place on the waitlist.