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Aloha mai kakou! Weʻre the Ohana States. We run this business as a family out of our home on Oahu. It is truly a labor of love and team effort! Malu holds up the Hawaiian language and community giveback end and I hold up the creative and operational side. Even our kids have to contribute! They model for us and remind us what patience and humility look like. This business supports our family and we work all day every day except Sunday to give all of your our very best. We appreciate you all so much for giving us your time, attention, and support. We hope this page helps to answer some of your questions! Please keep in mind that when we answer these questions we want to help you where we can while maintaining the integrity and uniqueness of our brand and company. 


Do you do custom outfits? I’m trying to look for matching outfits for a family?

I don't sew custom outfits at this time. It is a service I would love to offer in the future once I have a team to help me run everything. I do however host a FB sewing group and there are many seamstresses in the group interested in sewing for hire. You can post your inquiry there. I would recommend that you state in your post exactly what you want made and your budget so that the seamstresses have an up front idea of what you're looking for.

How do I join the fb group?

Our fb sewing group is called Kaulumaika Hui Humuhumu. To join the group you just have to request membership on Facebook and answer these 3 questions:

What is your interest for wanting to join the group?I agree to follow the rules and understand that I could be kicked out for not following them.I agree understand that Kaulumaika created this group as a way for the community to interact and is not liable or responsible for the actions of others in the group. Kaulumaika will however moderate the group according to the rules.

If you answer the questions you will be automatically added to the group. If not your membership request will remain in pending mode until you return and answer all the questions.

Where do I get the batting and backing to sew my cheater quilt?

You can find the answer in this blog post on how to sew a cheater quilt.

Do you illustrate children’s books or take on custom work?

I'm currently not accepting custom work at this time, but here is a list of artists that I would recommend to you for your custom project ideas:

Sara Saffery:

Aloe Corry:

Do you sell prints or original artworks?

I love fabric so I mostly sell fabric, but occasionally I’ll sell other products to keep things fun and interesting. While prints are not a regular item in the shop they do pop up a few times a year. The first to find out about any prints available would be those on my email list and those that follow me on Instagram.

What do you use to do watercolor art?

I use Canson XL paper because of itʻs affordability and quality. I use Winsor and Newton and Daniel Smith Watercolors. My favorite brushes are Silver Black Velvet round brushes and Princeton Heritage Watercolor round brushes. You can find all these things on Amazon and

What do you use to do digital art?

I use a 12.9" Ipad Pro 2nd generation with the 2nd generation Apple pencil and the appProcreatewhich is available in any app store. Be sure to checkAppleʻs websiteto see if your ipad is compatible with an apple pencil. Be sure to get Procreate and not Procreate Pocket or something else.

Where do you get your fabric from?

I print my fabric in China and import it to Hawaii. This was a decision I made after 2 years of testing various suppliers in the US, Europe, and China based on quality, customer service, and customization options.

Who are your suppliers?

While I love to share a lot of what I do, I keep the specific names of suppliers to myself. This protects the copyrights of our designs, our unique processes, and the relationships with my suppliers that I have been building for years. I will say however that I learned how to do pretty much everything I do from the internet. When I don’t know how to do something I search for the answers on Google and Youtube and try things until I find what’s right for me.

Can you restock this design?

Fabrics are quite limited and are always being changed and updated. If you see a design that you like that is not currently being sold on my site chances are we are all sold out. Stay tuned for possible restocks and future collections. Fabrics also make special appearances from time to time so while there is never a guaranteed restock for my designs, I may bring something similar to my shop in the future or bring back designs in other products and ways.

Can I cancel my order?

Please read our cancelation policy by clicking here

Why don't you use diacritics (okina & kahako)?

Read about our decision to not use diacritics in our written Hawaiian here:

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