No More Limiting Beliefs!

No More Limiting Beliefs!

I’ve tried something new for the past 3 weeks with my journaling and I am happy to report - I find it really effective! You see, I have always been a task and goal person, writing down long lists and bright, shiny goals to get each week, but I found it stressful. It was stressful because I am also very unrealistic when I write down my goals and tasks - I usually write down too many tasks or goals that are too far to grasp in that period of time. So for the past 3 weeks I’ve put my goals on the shelf and I started writing down beliefs.

I got the idea from my dad actually, who always tells me, “those are limiting beliefs,” every time I tell him I can’t do something. While the constant repetition of that phrase can be an eye-roll sometimes, it popped into my head when I was recounting my goals for the week one Monday afternoon and feeling disappointed because I didn’t reach any of my goals the week before.

I thought to myself, “I don’t like setting lower goals, but I also don’t like not achieving them. How do I get out of this vicious cycle?” That’s when the voice of my dad popped into my head, 

“it’s your limiting beliefs.” 

And I thought to myself, “well then, no more of those! That is what I’ll work on instead!”

That week I decided to pick a belief for the week and work all week with that belief in mind. That was the first week I tried this and my belief for that week was - I am creative!

I had been in a creative slump, not making any progress on my new designs and as a result, feeling like I didn’t have it in me! For that whole week I told myself - “I am creative!” and I not only told myself that, but I told myself that I believed it.

A crazy thing happened that week - I painted some of my best pieces I have ever painted! Since that week I have chosen the beliefs of - “I am resilient and I am patient” This week my belief is, “I am worthy” I am worthy of success, happiness, kindness, praise, and love. It’s a good challenging belief for me so I’m excited to see how this week turns out!

Join in with me! For this week’s journal prompt, write down one belief in your journal or in the blog comments below that will be your belief for the week and then I want you to really commit to believing that. In every situation that has to do with the belief you choose, I want you to push out all doubts and repeat to yourself your belief. I think you’ll find that you can do all the things you believe, starting with just one. Have a great week and remember - I believe in you!

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