A Day Out with the Keiki

A Day Out with the Keiki

“Should I tell the truth or should I lie?” was the question I was contemplating as I pressed the green call button on my Iphone... “I could easily say she’s sick. I saw that in a movie once,” was the voice of temptation in my head as I put the phone to my ear.

It rang once, twice, and then before I had a chance to make up my mind, a woman answered,

“Good Morning!”

“Hi!” I said, this is Emily calling for her daughter. “She’s going to be out of school today to spend time with her family.

The nervous jitters of making a call for my kids that I thought was important even though it was kinda against the grain - settled as the kind lady accepted my reason and hung up the phone.

I was proud of myself in that moment for just telling it how it was and now with our newfound freedom - I asked myself the other question I had been contemplating all morning - “what should we do today??”

The beach is always on the top of the list. The park we do often enough, but what I had really been wanting to do was take them to the children’s museum. It was one of my favorite places to go as a child. I loved the section where you could learn about different cultures. Being that my kids are Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean - I knew they could learn a lot about themselves while playing at the museum.

I knew I wanted to go and I got them out of school so we could, but I still doubted that I would have the time to take them with my launch of new products happening later in the day. I tried to create excuses for myself about how providing for my kids is more important than creating memories with them, but then I reminded myself that this wasn't just for them, but for me! I wanted a break and I wanted to spend it with them.

So finally after going back and forth 50 times, I packed them all up in the car and after a quick stop at the Drs for my son to check up on his asthma - we were off!

We had a wonderful time and did all the things including stopping to get a burger at one of my favorite spots. Nothing was too crowded (my reason for not going on the weekend) and the kids did a great job staying together and staying with me.

The icing on the cake was dressing them all up in kimono and taking a picture of them underneath a handmade cherry blossom tree.

It was a great morning and outing and though I could have stayed home and made a few more pieces of content for all the products coming out today - I don't regret my choice!! 

I'm doing my best to live in the world, but also to create my own world for myself and for the people who matter the most to me.

I hope you give yourself grace and do that one thing that you've been wanting to do, but have told yourself a million reasons why you can't. I also hope you check out all the new products and restocked items that just dropped in the shop. Maybe if I'm lucky it will be part of your next project or self care time!

Na'u no,


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Perfect day!! Making memories, love it. Glad you got to spend time with the keiki

Mahealani N

Cheers!! What a great example you were for your kids!!

Jodi Trujillo

Love this!

Janice Herrick

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