About Us

Aloha nō kākou!

ʻO au ʻo Maluhia. ʻO Emily kuʻu wahine. ʻO Pili ka makahiapo a ʻo Kaihi ka muli loa. 'O ka ʻōlelo kanaka ka ʻōlelo ʻohana a mākou. No laila, ke ʻike ʻoukou iā mākou i kekahi wahi, e ʻōlelo kanaka mai iā mākou, mai namu haole mai. He aloha mākou i ka ʻōlelo o ka lāhui kanaka. E hoʻoikaika māua i kā māua ʻōlelo i kēlā me kēia lā a makemake nō māua e kākoʻo i nā kanaka a me nā lāhui ʻē e aʻo pū i kēia ʻōlelo i aloha nui ʻia. Pēlā nō i ola maoli ai ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi i ke au i hala a pēia nō hoʻi ia e ola aku ai i kēia mua aku. 

Iā māua, ʻo nā kūpuna i hala akula a me ka poʻe i hānai ʻiʻo ʻia ma ka ʻōlelo kanaka ka poʻe e kaukaʻi ai ma ka ʻōlelo kauhale. I ko māua noʻonoʻo, ʻaʻole lākou i mahalo ʻia me ka pono i ke au i hala aku nei. Ke mahalo aku nei māua iā lākou me ka manaʻolana, e loaʻa mai ana ke ala kahi a lākou e kaʻikaʻi mai ana i ka poʻe i hānai ʻole ʻia ma ka ʻōlelo kauhale i ola ia ʻōlelo. Ke mahalo nō hoʻi māua i nā kumu aʻo i kōkua nui mai iaʻu i koʻu wā hele kula a loaʻa mai ka palapala kula nui. 

Inā ʻaʻole ʻoe i lohe i ko māua moʻolelo, e nānā mai i kēia! 

In your lifetime, have you ever had the desire to learn Hawaiian?

I donʻt know you personally, but my guess is that if youʻre reading this then the answer to my question is "yes."

Your desire is probably a result of a experience that resonated with your identity. It could stem from immersion preschool, years in high school, semesters in college. It might come from hearing your tūtū speak, reading street signs as you drive by them, having nieces or nephews with names you can't pronounce. You might be a Kanaka, you may not be. You may even live in Hawaii.

For Malu and I, we've had multiple moments in our lives where the thought crossed our minds, but the moment it stuck was the day we decided to have kids. That was October of 2016 and now, years later we're still learning and so grateful that we started the journey.

Thatʻs what our work in our home, my work as an artist, and my husbandʻs work pursuing degrees is all about. We're figuring out 'the how' along the way, but we are committed to 'the why' which is to help others learn and speak Hawaiian in their homes. 

This is a safe community, a community where mistakes are often made and a culture of uplifting one another is expected. Itʻs a slow process, and compared to what the future holds - we donʻt have much to share now, but we have at least a few years of learning and speaking as a family to be able to say that we know the language revitalization is 100% possible and itʻs worth every moment.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us!

You can fill out this form or find us on Instagram - @kaulumaika