Fabric Types

Looking for the right fabric for your project? We got you! The right type of fabric makes a huge difference in your finished creation and we want to help you make your project come out just right. Below are the fabric types we offer and suggested uses for each. Follow us on Instagram @kaulumaika to see how we use these fabrics in our home and community.

Type: Cotton Poplin
Makeup: 100% Cotton
Width: 56" wide
Type: Cotton Canvas
Makeup: 100% Cotton
Width: 56" wide
Type: Swim
Makeup: 95% Polyester 5% Spandex
Width: 56" wide 
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Aloha For Maui

A lei of lokelani and love for Maui and their families.

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Pule For Maui

Keeping a prayer always in our hearts no matter where we are in the world for all those who perished in the fire and also those who survived it.

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Nani O Haleakala

A beacon of light and hope. Haleakala, the home of the sun, gives all of Hawaii hope for better days ahead and a reason to keep giving to and supporting one another.

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