A Hawaiian Article A Day

A Hawaiian Article A Day

As some of you know, I have been learning Hawaiian for 8 years and the learning opportunities never end. Lately I have been focusing on reading old newspaper articles that correspond with the current date as a way to feel connected to the Hawaiians who were reading the paper years ago. 

Today's article was taken from Ka Hae Hawaii, Volume 2, Number 15, 8 July 1857. Click on the clipping below to read the article for yourself.

This article was about seeking eternal recognition instead of worldly recognition. It was an article that was probably written by a Christian, but even if you're not religious, I really enjoyed reading the analogy they used.

The writer talks about writing your name in the sand and how quickly it gets washed away by the waves. They then go on to say that we should focus on writing our names in the book of life so that our deeds and our names live forever.

Now, I respect that everyone has different beliefs and I'm not trying to make this a religious statement, but I think the lesson behind the article stands true for everyone that we should not set our sights on trivial pursuits.

Great reminder, mahalo to the kupuna who wrote this article back in 167 years ago.


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