Can you Repeat that?! Pattern making in Procreate

Can you Repeat that?! Pattern making in Procreate

We have come to the top of the mountain with one last stretch in the course till we reach enlightenment! Okay no I wouldn't go so far as to say that! (that's a little big headed), but congratulations! you're one step away from making your own repeat pattern!

If you've been following along with this IG live series of tutorials you'll know that we've gone over:

  1. Pattern Basics
  2. Color Palettes
  3. Gathering Inspiration
  4. Creating motifs and
  5. Editing Motifs

And here we are on the last step, turning it into a repeat pattern. To help you with this I've made this handout that simplifies the steps. I recommend using the handout with my tutorial on my Instagram TV series to help you figure out the tips and tricks of getting it to turn out right.

Whatever your reason for wanting to design repeat patterns, I hope you're loving the process. If you think you're terrible at it, maybe you're right, BUT that doesn't mean you can't get better! Some of the best things I've ever done were produced right after some of my worst. E noke mau kakou!

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