How to make your mom or wife happy

When it comes to a happy home you have to have a happy queen bee! These are the words and phrases associated with straightening up the house. I know we donʻt do this stuff often enough in my house, but maybe your house is run differently.

When using these handouts it is best to watch the videos associated with them on our Instagram pages: @ka_alala and @kaulumaika

We explain the whole thing in these videos so there is no confusion as to what youʻre supposed to do with things like the pūlumi or ʻeke ʻōpala. We choose not to include the English on these handouts so that you donʻt have any crutches when you print them out to use them.

These handouts are also a great way to learn sentence structure! As you read the sentences (māmalaʻōlelo) you might notice some patterns. Guess what?! If you notice a pattern then you are probably catching on to the sentence structure. Use the pattern to create your own sentences by changing the words here and there.

As always we are here to help. Please reach out to us with questions or share your practice sessions in your home!


Kēhau Paulo

Mahalo for all of your work, appreciate you so much!


So happy for these handouts! Especially this one!

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