I have a question!

I have a question!

Hi, I'm Emily, and if you ever meet me in person then be prepared for A LOT of questions about yourself and everything you do because I just love questions. Questions are fun! Questions help me learn about people and all the little things that make them unique and special.

Questions are also important when you're learning something like *cough* *cough* (that's funny I'm actually sick right now as I'm writing this) Hawaiian! Don't be afraid to ask questions! I know it can seem scary and some people can be quite rude in answering questions, but if you don't know then HOW ELSE are you going to find out?!

I mean there are definitely other ways, but we're talking about the easiest and fastest way right now... 

So how do you use this handout? Well I don't want you to do NO work. So if you can't figure out what one of the phrases mean then click this link HERE. Another option is to go find me on Instagram. I'll post a video explaining the whole thing.

Easy Peasy. Now let's get to asking! 


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