'O wai kou inoa?

ʻO wai kou inoa?     What's your name?

ʻO ___ koʻu inoa.     My name is ______.

A Together Community

The best thing we can do as a community is to lift one another. As a community we all have our individual talents and we should share ours and encourage others to use theirs.

A talent of mine that I have recently discovered is patience for technology and illustration. While Iʻm sure my family would appreciate that patience directed more towards cooking or cleaning, this is really just who I am.

Malu has a great talent for learning and is able to steadily work towards mastery in whatever subject he chooses. He pushes our whole family and others to learn and use more Hawaiian than they did the day before.

Recently a new IG account emerged called @ehoopilimai. On the account, Kumu Kahanuola teaches basic Hawaiian skills to incorporate into everyday life. His posts along with a recent request from a friend to make coloring sheets has led me to my first coloring set! Inspired by one of his lessons - "ʻO wai kou inoa?" these sheets are downloadable and infinitely printable for coloring and learning!

Mahalo e Kumu Kahanuola for teaching with such love and vigor! Your videos, are educational, fun to watch, and are action provoking!

Let us all do what we can to strengthen and be a part of the Hawaiian Language Community!


Click here to open and download coloring pages


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