Learning a Second Language

Learning a Second Language

Malu and I both learned languages in our early twenties. Malu learned Amharic and I learned Hiligaynon. We were fortunate enough to learn both languages while living in the places where those were the dominate languages for a long period of time.

The first 6 months were the most difficult for me. I was always frustrated that I could never understand what people were saying and that people made fun of me for what I was saying. I felt alone, unable to communicate with anyone because it was me and one other English speaker in the whole city I was living in at the time and I hardly saw the other English speaker.

What got me through the struggle was my belief that I had a message to share with others and my love that grew for them and their culture.

Hawaiian Language is no different! In a way itʻs much more difficult to learn, because we donʻt have the option to immerse ourselves in it from sun-up to sun-down. Still, in order to make it through the hard days of learning you have to have a belief in what youʻre doing and a love for the Hawaiian people and culture. Iʻm sure you have both! So donʻt let the hard days get to you! I promise the next day will be better and the day after that.

This handout is a resource for you to use to help you with some common phrases you may use when getting your kids in the carseat. Malu and I made it with the help of Kahea Faria and her family. Kahea is a native of Niihau and has been a mentor to our family for a few years. We are so grateful for her help as we could not be sure weʻre giving you the best we can give without her knowledge of the Hawaiian Language.

Pay attention to the sentence patterns as you look at the handout. All of the patterns can be used with other words to make patterns of your own. For more help on pronunciation and explanations of the phrases visit us on Instagram.

Click on the image to download and print. 


Watch the video below to hear the voice along with the pictures of this handout!


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Mahalo nui! Makemake au kēia ha’awina. Pa’akikī i kēia lā.

Thank you for the post! I like this lesson. It was a difficult for me today, but maybe not later on!


Aloha e! This graphic is wildly dope and I love everything you do and I’m so inspired by how generous you are in sharing your knowledge 😍


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