No more pineapples in Hawaii!

No more pineapples in Hawaii!

What makes Hawaii so special? The things that make it unique! Things like the people, the language, the land, the animals, and the plants to name a few! Did you know that Hawaii is the endangered species capital of the world!! *just cry my eyes out* Our beautiful species need to be protected before more are lost!

The first step in protecting them is in educating yourself about them and learning how to identify what is native and what is not! Iʻll tell you right now that this is something that I am working on! Itʻs like rewriting the whole book I was given growing up here. All the things I thought were Hawaiian - finding out that they arenʻt - has been a bit disheartening, but then it helps me double down on finding out the truth of native plants and of course following that knowledge always comes designing!!... because what better way is there to immortalize our native plants.

Anyways! Here is the first in a series of how to draw native plants and flowers. I usually do these with as a live IG tutorial so be sure to tune into those if youʻre interested in that as well. Letʻs make our native plants at the center of everyoneʻs minds when they think of Hawaii! - NO MORE PINEAPPLES!

Click on the handout below to go to the download.


When youʻre done if you want to color in these pua hau on your ipad then hereʻs my repeat of them. You can also print it out to color too! Donʻt forget to include all the different colors of hau.

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