Letʻs Play a Learning Game

Letʻs Play a Learning Game

Have you met Pekuna Hong? She is a passionate mother of 6 who shows the world the way she sees it through her beautiful photography and bold art.

She reached out to me to help make a video with her for kids and families because kids need more art and music in their lives. I think that really goes for all of us! What I love so much about art and creativity is that it sparks more art and creativity along the way and long after. We need to be creative in our approach to all the challenges that 2020 has brought on and the challenges that will continue to come ever year. We need to teach our kids to embrace their creative sides too.

From our families to yours, we hope these activities help you and your children to learn colors in Hawaiian in a fun and creative way. More than just learning these colors I hope you take from these activities ideas the belief that you can make learning Hawaiian a habit of your home. Just pick a place to start. We are all in different places in our journey with olelo, set some goals, and be creative with your plan of action!

We all have different skills and talents. The most amazing part of language is that it can be woven into everything we do even into our thoughts and into who we are. If you can find where that thread starts for you and your kids then you can weave your own beautiful masterpiece that you can then share with the world. Happy creating!

Watch the video to see how to use the handouts and to learn the mele.
Pāʻani Hoʻomanaʻo Download
Mele: Nā Waihoʻoluʻu by Maluhia States
For those that want the game already printed into a set and ready to play:
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Aloha! I tried to click on the link for the printable copies but there was an error saying “Kaulumaika.com refused to connect.” Please let me know how I can get a copy of the printables or if you plan to restock the printed ones with the various drawstring bags – specifically looking for either the ʻopini or the puakenikeni.


Kanani Tolentino

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