Mompreneur Maybes

Mompreneur Maybes

 I'm in a weird position right now.

I've felt for a long time that the more I know the more I realize I don't know, but now I add to that - the more I know, the more I question if it is really information that should be shared so publicly on social media platforms.

Strange to be here since what I've built has been very much a learn and share as I go kind of thing.

It makes me feel confused. It makes me question if my intentions are what they should be and if my art and creations are really having an impact on the world.

One of the problems I am always running into is the platform and the right content. Being that I share a lot on social media I have naturally gotten into the habit over the years of creating content that is short, attractive, and simple. I don't like it and it wasn't always this way. 

When I first started using social media, I did a wider variety of sharing including blogging, longer videos, and podcasting, but as I birthed more children and got busier with the business, I found those quality, long-form types of content were dropping off more often than I liked. It reminds me of boogie boarding as a child and getting sucked under a wave. I'm trying to stay afloat, but in the end I'm just glad if I can catch a quick breath before getting tossed again.

I frequently think about changing things and I'll even spend a few hours every month planning out a new calendar, sleep schedule, morning and night routine, and work regime so that I can bring back the elements I feel are missing. Most of the time I'll get one email, podcast, or blog out before the cycle starts all over again. Every time the cycle starts again I feel more discouraged. I'll say to myself, "well I can't restart my podcast AGAIN! I just told them in the last episode that I was here to stay and that was 6 months ago?? What's the point?" and so I ignore the aching feeling in my muscles to act..., which brings us back to this blog post. 

Honestly as I'm writing this I don't even know if I'll share it. Not to be redundant, but what's the point of sharing one blog post only to get too busy when this time next month comes around. I don't know.

I do know that I actually love writing. I always have. I also love talking. What gal doesn't? And I love learning and sharing.

Maybe if I can just get back to doing more of the things I love then I can take my focus off of the system and put it back on the purpose, the why. Maybe that will help clear my head so I can share what I'm learning with more purity.

Maybe you'll stick around to find out.

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An idea perhaps…I’m not even a mom yet but have chronic pain, am a full time elementary teacher, AND have Type 1 diabetes 😅 I’m also an artist and singer…so I struggle with keeping up with my laundry and dishes and feel like I barely have time for my art…but have to for sanity and enjoyment…so the dishes wait. To balance it all can feel so hectic. Especially when its something you actually DO want to create and sustain.

Anyway, my intuitive idea for you is to maybe focus on things that you’re working on for YOU (and your family of course). If you choose a struggle, or a concept you’re interested in, or anything you already HAVE going on in your life…you can keep notes about it then over the month it can almost write itself. This is my first time reading your blog..but from what I’ve seen on IG and just read here…you could turn those struggles into content. Yeah it’s personal. Yes it’s also vulnerable. But if you’re tackling an issue having to do with motherhood, or learning a new technique or concept that interests you…your struggle and growth of discovering solutions for yourself could be WHAT you write about. Maybe this idea will inspire your own more personalized idea? It could even be 3 months at a time…either 3 separate topics or growth and progress on the same topic but diving deeper with what you’ve learned on the way. Personally I feel like women/people could benefit from that. Seeing your success is one thing but every human has those challenges and it would be meaningful material to read. Plus, it could be things that apply to the majority of us, not extremely personal challenges but common ones that more of us could use insight on. Or the, “Have you ever tried to….” (make your own soap, make biscuits from scratch, make ulu hash browns, diy things….fun stuff too!!) Of course you’re able to control your output and details…but assigning yourself a specific topic that’s already in your life might be the key. Just putting all my thoughts out there since reading this inspired me with the idea for you! Hope that helps or inspires you to a workable idea that feels doable and a little more effortless!! 😌✨️💕


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