Navigating Plateaus and Setting Goals: Overcoming Challenges in Learning Hawaiian

Navigating Plateaus and Setting Goals: Overcoming Challenges in Learning Hawaiian

Season 4 Episode 1


In this episode, hosts Emily and Malu engage in an open and candid conversation about their experiences and challenges in learning and using the Hawaiian language. They discuss their journey over the years, reflecting on the progress they've made, and addressing the difficulties they've encountered. The hosts offer insights into how they've navigated plateaus and share practical strategies for setting achievable language learning goals.

Key Discussion Points:

1. Learning Timeline and Family Dynamics:
- Emily and Malu talk about their seven-year journey of learning the Hawaiian language.
- They mention their dedication to raising their children as Hawaiian speakers.

2. Plateauing and Feeling Discouraged:
- Emily opens up about feeling like she has plateaued in her language learning.
- Malu reflects on his own experiences with plateaus and how they're a common challenge in any learning journey.
- The hosts discuss their initial enthusiasm about encouraging more people to learn Hawaiian.
- They share the realization that the language learning community is relatively small, leading to feelings of isolation at times.

3. Challenges in Teaching and Mentoring:
- Emily and Malu talk about their hesitations in mentoring others due to their own perceived limitations.
- They reflect on the responsibility of guiding new learners while improving their own language skills.

4. Practical Language Learning Exercise:

- Malu emphasizes the importance of learning expressions and nuances in the language.
- He shares how expanding his expression and vocabulary was crucial for breaking through language plateaus.
- The hosts suggest a simple exercise for beginners involving a sentence structure to describe objects.
- They advise writing down sentences and practicing speaking them, providing a practical example.

5. Setting Realistic Goals and Consistency:
- Emily and Malu emphasize the need to set achievable language learning goals.
- They discuss the value of incorporating regular practice, even if it's a small amount, into daily routines.

6. Looking Ahead and Continual Growth:
- The hosts express their commitment to continuing their Hawaiian language journey.
- They highlight the importance of making language learning a lifelong endeavor for their family.


In this insightful episode, Emily and Malu candidly share their personal experiences, challenges, and strategies for overcoming plateaus in their Hawaiian language learning journey. Through their conversation, listeners gain practical tips and encouragement to tackle their own language learning goals while maintaining a positive and realistic mindset.

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