A Community of Kindess

A Community of Kindess

We all got feelings okay. I mean I tease my husband that he doesn't, but I know he does.

Last week I had a little bit of a meltdown (I know it's not even surprising anymore). I overload my plate all the time and do a super crappy job at dealing with the stress while at the same time adding even more to the plate. So last week I was in one of these situations where the biggest stress was choosing between spending time with my mom and following through with a meeting that I had forgotten I scheduled on the same day and at the same time.

Well if you can guess I tried to do both and was surprised (like I always am) when it didn't turn out the way I hoped it would. I guess hoping isn't as powerful as good planning and execution after all.

The whole situation sent me spiraling down the list of things stressing me out and feeling all sorts of overwhelmed. In my pain I made some vulnerable IG videos about what I was going through and while I can't say I regret making them, I am thoroughly embarrassed!

There is a turning point in this story and it's this:

Kindness in situations like these is everything. I had so many messages of love and support last week. It was very backwards and extremely humbling. I say backwards because I view myself and the one who provides value to this community. I say humbling because I realized just how little value I can actually provide to a community that is so incredibly kind, loving, smart, and supportive.

I hope I can continue to serve in the ways I know how! I hope I can help to perpetuate the kindness that all of you share with me daily.

Here's a card to perpetuate kindness with me. It's my orchid print on a 4x6" card. You can download it, print it out and send it to someone who could need a little reminder that they are loved. I don't know about you, but I'm going to send it to my mom.

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Mahalo for your kindness.

Ebenette Sausi

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