Piha ia ia he eha makahiki

Piha ia ia he eha makahiki

My daughter, my Pili, is very special to me. I remember when my Kane and I were coming up with a name for her – I told him that I felt she was the mark of change for us. I knew even when she was in the womb, that she would be the one to be strong in the midst of opposition and forever proud of her identity. I can’t believe that what I felt then has been 100% accurate of the little girl she has proven to be these 4 years.

She is the start of my parenting journey. She is the reason we started learning Hawaiian. She is my muse for my art. She is my teacher of patience, long-suffering, and self-love. She is my companion as I care for my second child. She may be 4, but we’ve always known that her spirit is much, much older. 

As I look back on the past 4 years that I have been blessed with my daughter, I am extremely grateful for all the time we’ve gotten to spend together. While I don’t have the luxury of devoting all my time and attention to raising my kids, I do have the luxury of being home with them all the time.

I know all of us have different situations, but the one thing we share is that we love our children and do our best to give them THE BEST!

Join in our birthday fun! Here's a scavenger hunt that I made for Pili and her classmates. How many things do you think you can find in your own home?

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