Potty Training Success - Finally!

Potty Training Success - Finally!

This Monday morning I woke up (well woke up again - the first time was involuntarily caused by my child) and had this overwhelming feeling that this was THE week I was going to potty train Pili - and be successful.

It wasn't something new. I had thought that many times before this week and had even tried, but something about this week... it was a feeling this time.

I put my 2 1/2 year old in her underwear and re-explained the concept in Hawaiian of using the potty. She did good that first day and I did good at reminding her, but the next day she had accidents and my doubts resurfaced as to whether or not she was ready.

Thanks to our Kaulumaika Community, I felt enough encouragement and support to press through and now, come Sunday, it seems we are in the clear!

Now I don't have some magical method of how we were successful this time, but I will say that I really did "feel" at the beginning of this week that "this was the week" and while I'm not sure if every mom will "feel" that way, I am sure that every mom knows their child best and what's best for their family. 

The other thing I am sure of is that sharing with a community you're a part of can help you as a mom. Maybe it's your family, a mom group, your close friends - whatever it is, gaining some emotional support and encouragement from others can help you remember that you're not alone and you can do it!

I hope you find this handout helpful in teaching your children how to use the bathroom. For more information on it or how to use/say things on it check out my YouTube Channel or my Instagram


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