Put Yourself in a Hawaiian's Slippahs

Put Yourself in a Hawaiian's Slippahs

WHAT A WEEK!! I spent all of my free time this week researching the history of Hawaii so that I could try to present it in a clear and concise fashion. Here are the main points that I chose to highlight today. I implore you to please click on all the links to find the sources from which I pulled the information. I want to thank all of the sources for doing their own research and making it available to the public. I also want to thank Professor Moore of the WCC UH of Manoa Campus for his edits and additional thoughts to the wording of the post. To all of you reading this, thank you for taking the time. Knowledge is power. - Emily

This “Statehood” day, put yourself in a Hawaiian’s slippahs as we take a walk through Hawaii’s history.

128 years have passed since the illegal overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii and 123 years have passed since the Joint Resolution and illegal occupation. To this day there is still no treaty of annexation between Hawaii and the United States, which leads us to...a story for another time. Hawaiians make up the majority of the homeless population, we watch as our loved ones move somewhere cheaper, and we continue to fight for our identity and voice in the ever-chaotic world we live in.

“Aloha.” People get so caught up in thinking it means hello and goodbye, they forget that it means love, compassion and empathy. Now that you’ve put yourselves in our shoes, How can you not empathize with us? How can you not extend the aloha that we have extended many times to you?

So when you see a Hawaiian protesting or upset about illegal occupation and the result of that act, remember this post and show some aloha.


A list of additional resources that I studied this week in no particular order:

Why was Hawaii “annexed”

  • Good location for war
  • Money to be made from plantations
  • Greedy foreign business men illegally overthrew the govenment
  • The monarchy didn’t want there to be bloodshed amount the Hawaiian people


New York times edition of the incident:


Original article https://archive.nytimes.com/www.nytimes.com/learning/aol/onthisday/big/0117.html 

Liliuokalani’s relinquishing of her powers: 




Hawaiian kingdom website


Statement of apology by the US https://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/session2014/bills/SB233_.HTM 


About imperialism https://www.sutori.com/story/american-imperialism-hawaii--Ya7mKKtnipPSd4iWa9cD5pVV

Offensive cartoons made from the time https://sites.google.com/a/hawaii.edu/ndnp-hawaii/Home/historical-feature-articles/political-cartoons 

Statehood day meaning: https://bigislandpulse.com/community/history/hawaii-statehood-day/

Wikipedia resources:






Committee of Safety members https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Committee_of_Safety_(Hawaii)

US recognized hawaii as a sovereign state - bill https://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/session2019/bills/SB1451_.HTM

All dates and facts: https://www.hawaiiankingdom.org/UN_Protest_Annexes.shtml

Queen Abdicates throne officially https://www.angelfire.com/planet/big60/LiliuAbdication.html

But it doesn’t really count https://hawaiiankingdom.org/blog/the-queen-did-not-terminate-the-hawaiian-kingdom-in-1895/

Petition: https://www.hawaiiankingdom.org/pdf/Annex%2019.pdf 

Hawaiian banned from school https://www.hawaiipublicschools.org/TeachingAndLearning/StudentLearning/HawaiianEducation/Pages/History-of-the-Hawaiian-Education-program.aspx#:~:text=After%20the%20overthrow%20of%20the,for%20the%20next%20four%20generations.

Hawaiians make up majority of homeless population https://www.civilbeat.org/2021/01/its-time-to-acknowledge-native-hawaiians-special-right-to-housing/#:~:text=According%20to%20the%202020%20O,of%20the%20state's%20total%20population.

Haunani trask on tourism ​​https://journals.lib.unb.ca/index.php/bl/article/view/24958/28913 \

People leaving Hawaii https://uhero.hawaii.edu/aloha-oe-population-migration-between-hawaii-and-the-u-s-mainland/ 

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History would suggest that America (the united states)is a nation of pirates and slavers.
And Hawaìi is Polonesia.

Francis Kane


is a great resource.


The interests of the Hawaiian people need be acknowledged and respected for the government of the people of the United States to shed its Imperial shame.

Stephen Paulmier

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