A Simple Testimony of God

A Simple Testimony of God


I believe in God. I believe he is the artist and creator of all of us. I believe that he loves me. I thank him for my husbandʻs endless patience, my daughterʻs constant companionship, my sonʻs innocent smiles.

I donʻt take for granted my belief in God because I know not everyone believes in him. As he has given us all spiritual gifts along with talents; belief and trust is what I have been given.

I trust that when I have a challenge or a question, I can turn to him. I don't always get exactly what I ask for, but when has it ever been good parenting to give your children everything they want? He knows me. He knows what I can handle and what I'm capable of just like he knows us all.

The first thing I learned in Hawaiian was the Lord's Prayer. At the time I learned it, I only memorized the lines. Now, I can use the structure to form my own prayers, to ask my own questions, and to thank him for my very own family.  

Ka Pule A Ka Haku - The Lordʻs Prayer

E ko mākou Makua i loko o ka lani, e hoʻāno ʻia kou inoa.

E hiki mai kou aupuni; e mālama ʻia kou makemake ma ka honua nei, e like me ia i mālama ʻia ma ka lani lā;

E hāʻawi mai iā mākou i kēia i ʻai na mākou no nēia lā;

E kala mai hoʻi iā mākou i kā mākou lawehala ʻana, me mākou e kala nei i ka poʻe i lawehala i kā mākou.

Mai hoʻokuʻu ʻoe iā mākou i ka hoʻowalewale ʻia mai; e hoʻopakele nō naʻe iā mākou i ka ʻino; no ka mea, nou ke aupui, a me ka mana, a me ka hoʻonani ʻia, a mau loa aku.



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