Your First Sewing Project - Sew a Trinket Bag

Your First Sewing Project - Sew a Trinket Bag

Ever collected anything as a child? I did! I had a rock collection and a mini things collection. I just loved (and still do) finding little mini replicas of every day things. like spoons, pots, shoes, etc.

Even today I seem to love acquiring a variety of random objects. The question is where to put all of our treasures once we find them?! I seem to want a bag for everything I own because nothing really quite goes together and then itʻs hard to find the things youʻre looking for because you canʻt remember which throw it all in bag you put them in! Letʻs solve all of our problems today.

How to make little OR big drawstring bags. This is a pattern I came up with myself because I had a very specific design in mind and found it easier to make it than search for it.

1. Cut out a rectangle of any size. Keep in mind that your bag will be about half the size of the rectangle.

2. Fold it in half with right sides facing each other.

3. Sew both sides. Sew the left side from top to bottom. Sew the right side starting an inch down from the top (the not folded edge).

4. Flip and fold out about a half inch of the lip. 

5. Not necessary, but I like to fold in the raw edge on the side that you sewed an inch from the top. In my opinion it looks cleaner in the end.

6. Sew around the lip. Be sure not to sew the edges together. Just be careful maneuvering the fabric around the needle if youʻre using a sewing machine. Sew all the way around.

7. Use a Bobbie Pin or a Safety pin to help you insert the yard or rope or elastic.

8. Push the yarn through the opening in the lip until it comes out the other end and then tie the ends together.

9. And there you have it! ʻO ia nō ka hana! Trinkets and Masks meet your new home.

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