SKUs and what they do

SKUs and what they do

SKUs as written by our community:

Here’s a compilation of how people responded to my question about SKU’s. If I had to summarize what everyone wrote I would say that SKUs organize your inventory so you can have faster, cleaner fulfillment and work flow.

What is the purpose of SKU’s?

  • So i work in retail and we use the skus to key in prices of items where the labels have fallen off. The skus will be the same and in the computer it removes it from inventory.
  • Keeps track of inventory
  • It’s used to differ color and size of an item. Also if item is sold online or in store.
  • Stock Keepin unit. Use it to track products and sales. Analytics. Inventory.
  • Easy to track and find inventory
  • It’s a unique number given to each product. It’s how companies track inventory.
  • I don’t do it by to track inventory, reports
  • Easy organize/inventory/track your merchandise
  • It’s important for inventory
  • I’m in chare of inventory for a manufacturing company… SKUs are mainly important for keeping track of inventory and items! Raw materials, finished goods, etc… especially if you use/work with quickbooks or other software that tracks your books etc. so it’s streamlined and easy to keep track of.
  • Trace it back to the manufacturer if any problems
  • They are useful if you have an inventory software to track it or to suggest similar items
  • Locates specific retail item
  • As inventory grows it’s an easy way to track products.
  • Each SKU number is a detailed description of what the product actually is! Say SKU #123 is (ulu grey blanket) look up that SKU to see how many you have on hand or is ordered! No 2 skus are the same #123 is ulu grey, #124 is ulu green (for example)
  • SKU numbers help to track sales qty of each sku and they help factories to track orders
  • Mostly when you start having a lot of items for sale! It helps a ton.
  • I feel like it’s easier to find products if you have a lot and how much you have on hand.
  • Business like Walmart have certain skus they sell so it actually rings up at the register. My business uses skus to keep track of minor changes to the product so a new product with a claim on it can only have a claim (like “new and improved!”) for 6 months. It’s still the same product after 6 months but the packaging is different without the claim. So the 1st sku with claim will be 123/01 and the 2nd will be 123/02 without.
  • It’s a good way of categorizing your stuff if you have a lot of inventory. If you only sell a few items, not really worth it. But for 50+ it’s really helpful or for things that have color or size variety
  • Primarily for keeping track of inventory, what comes into your store and what goes out. But idk how SKUs would apply unless you are selling other peoples work too?
  • Better organization with large inventory. Easier order fulfillment. Find listings faster in online shop.
  • SKUs is a way to have them organized carefully and easy to lookup when people have product issues/returns/etc.
  • To keep track of inventory.
  • Automatic track of inventory and depending on the systems helps you run sales reports.
  • It identifies each product. Especially when creating barcode labels to scan if you have a register.
  • They are unique codes for each individual product type. It helps you track inventory.
  • It helps identify each item in your inventory; color, style, size, etc.
  • Helps with markdowns!
  • Tracking inventory
  • So from what I understand it’s how they identify their inventory
  • Keeps track of product details, price, etc.
  • Inventory control
  • Keeping track of inventory
  • I think just being able to code each item without having to write out the whole name?
  • Ever. Single. Item. has its own identifying number and that impacts replenishment and inventory.
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