Soft & Snuggly Newborn Baby Leggings

Soft & Snuggly Newborn Baby Leggings

It’s no secret that babies need to be warm and cozy… even in Hawaii. So warm and cozy is the theme with these really cute baby leggings. This pattern is free from Sew Much Ado.

This is one of three baby gifts I made using only one yard of my Kou Double Minky Fabric. I made these leggings from the leftover fabric of the Double Minky Baby Blanket, a Baby Beanie and burp cloths. I like to use as much of my fabric as possible (waste not, want not). 

What you’ll need for these baby leggings:

If you want to, you can also watch the video of how I made these leggings. (It might help in some of the tricker parts)

  1. Follow instructions over at Sew Much Ado, (here’s the link) to download, print, cut and tape together the 8 pieces of this pattern.

Note about sewing with double minky: The original pattern recommends using a stretchy, knit fabric (Bamboo Lycra would be nice). I wanted to try this pattern with the leftover double minky and because double minky isn’t as stretchy as some knit I recommend adding 1 – 1 ½ inches to the top and maybe even the middle depending on the size of the baby that’s coming (and, oh my gosh, who can ever really know that?). I would guess that the one I made with Double Minky would fit a newborn that isn’t more than 10 lbs.

Another note about sewing with Double Minky is that it will leave lots of “fluffies” as you cut it. These can get kind of irritating (or maybe that’s just me) and might leave fluffies all over your house. If you can have a vacuum on hand or can even cut outside that would be helpful in managing the fluffies. If you have sensitive eyes, you might want to wear glasses while you cut.

  1. [SEE VIDEO] Right sides together, pin the middle of the top foot piece to the middle of the front legging piece. I like to use pins with double minky to hold them in place.
  2. [SEE VIDEO] Stretch and pin the top foot piece to match/line up with the edges of the leg piece. This part is tricky.   (see pictures of watch the video)
  3. Sew pieces together. I used a regular sewing machine to sew those pieces together. (The serger threads make it bulky and I imagine it might be irritating for a newborn). [Picture of what it looks like with the foot flap sewn on]
  4. Take the front piece that you just sewed together, and the back piece you have cut out (and waiting for you), line them up at the top, right sides together. (Remember, I added 1 ½ inches to the top of both sides.) 
  5. Sew them together on the long, straight side just until they meet at the foot flap. (I sew it as close as I can to the edge to make more room and make it less bulky.
  6. [SEE VIDEO] Fold them back in half, right-sides together. 
  7. Sew them together from the point of the crotch (not above it) down to the ankle.

Repeat steps 2-8 with the remaining pattern pieces, for the other side of the leggings.

  1. [SEE VIDEO] With one side right side out, and one side wrong side out, put the right side out INTO the wrong side out and line up the crotch edges that are not sewn yet. (You’ll probably have to read that a few times and/or watch the video). 
  2. [SEE VIDEO] Sew along the crotch seam. (Don’t sew all four layers together.)
  3. Turn wrong side out. 
  4. Sew on the bottoms of the foot. (Right sides together). The bottom of the foot is larger than the opening of the legging. You’ll have to evenly stretch and pin it so the foot doesn’t have too much puckering right at the end of your sewing. I recommend pinning it at the top, bottom and sides and evenly stretch it as you sew.
  5. Turn right side out. Now you have cute little foot booties on your leggings.
  6. Sew the ends of the elastic together. (Use the original pattern instructions for more details on measuring your elastic.) 
  7. Pin and sew them into the inside of the waist using a zigzag stitch (with a regular sewing machine, or serge with a Serger).
  8. Roll/fold the elastic inside once and sew again with a zigzag stitch. That will give it a nice finish look and really hold that elastic in place.

OILA! Now you have a darling pair of infant footed leggings that would go great with the Baby Beanie and Baby Blanket

Thank you to Sew Much Ado for creating this free pattern

I used the beautiful Kou Double Minky Fabric. Kou is a lovely bright orange flower that would work for any gender. (You can find Native Hawaiian Designer fabric in my shop). 

I would love to see what you create for personal use. Tag me on Instagram or share with me any way that works best for you.
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