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Aloha mai kakou! Weʻre the States. We run this business as a family out of our home on Oahu. It is truly a labor of love and team effort! Malu holds up the Hawaiian language and community giveback end and I hold up the creative and operational side Even our kids have to contribute! They model for us and remind us what patience and humility look like. This business supports our family and we work all day every day except Sunday to give all of your our very best. We appreciate you all so much for giving us your time, attention, and support. We hope this page helps to answer some of your questions! Please keep in mind that when we answer these questions we want to help you where we can while maintaining the integrity and uniqueness of our brand and company.

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Aloha For Maui

A lei of lokelani and love for Maui and their families.

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Pule For Maui

Keeping a prayer always in our hearts no matter where we are in the world for all those who perished in the fire and also those who survived it.

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Nani O Haleakala

A beacon of light and hope. Haleakala, the home of the sun, gives all of Hawaii hope for better days ahead and a reason to keep giving to and supporting one another.

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