Hawaiian Plant Resources

I have been fortunate enough to have found books and websites to help me learn more about our Native Hawaiian plants and species. Many of these books were recommended to me by experts in this field. I share them with you so that you can learn along with me! If you use these resources be sure to credit the source and be respectful of their copyrights. Mahalo! - Emily


Hui Ku Maoli Ola

Bishop Museum

UH Botany

Starr Environmental

Books: (These are affiliate links. If you purchase using one of these links then I get a small commission from your purchase. If you go this route to buy them new then thank you very much!! Otherwise I would suggest ebay to find them used - Mahalo!)


Manual of the Flowering Plants of Hawaii


Plants in Hawaiian Culture


Hawaiian Herbal Medicine


Remains of a Rainbow




Amy Greenwell Garden Ethnobotanical Guide to Native Hawaiian Plants