July 2021 Clipart Bundle

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This bundle contains all of my Kaulumaika firsts. Opihi for my first design, ulu for my company's name, koali for the first native plant I painted for my daughter, and lehua for the first commission project that I ever had. I hope you can find good uses for them!

The clipart here is intended only for personal use and not to be used to make a profit by any person, entity, business, or organization. You may use it though as a person, entity, business, or organization, but not on any finished goods or products that will be sold or in logos. You can use it for flyers, invitations, gifts for family members, posts, covers, presentations, class projects, home projects, and much more. Please do not claim ownership of the artwork or try to distribute it yourself.

All clipart is the property of Kaulumaika LLC and improper use of the clipart is violation of copyright law. While no credit is necessary it is greatly appreciated! Tag me or send me a picture of what you create, I would love to see! Send your friends this way, I would love for them to be able to use this resource too.

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Aloha For Maui

A lei of lokelani and love for Maui and their families.

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Pule For Maui

Keeping a prayer always in our hearts no matter where we are in the world for all those who perished in the fire and also those who survived it.

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Nani O Haleakala

A beacon of light and hope. Haleakala, the home of the sun, gives all of Hawaii hope for better days ahead and a reason to keep giving to and supporting one another.

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