Learning Hawaiian

Native Speaker Resources

We cannot stress how important it is to learn from Native Speakers. There are huge differences between native speakers and non-native speakers. For us non-native speakers, we have to change our flow, intonation, pronunciation, accent and overall sound to even begin to enter into the realm of native speech. We personally work hard to speak like native speakers and encourage you to do the same.

Listening - (Native Speakers)

RECORDING YOUR VOICE: We all learned our first language by listening and then imitating what we heard. The most helpful thing you can do to change your flow, intonation, pronunciation, accent and overall sound is to record yourself speaking, play it back, then change make the needed changes! 

    Listening - (Non-Native Speakers)


    Reading Tip: Find something (like scriptures) that you can have the Hawaiian and English versions side by side. As you read you can go back and forth between the two. 

       NATIVE HAWAIIAN NEWSPAPERS: We felt it important to list a number of newspapers that were endorsed and or produced by native Hawaiian speakers. We urge you to give priority to these newspapers but keep in mind that many native speakers wrote in other Newspapers as well, such as Ka Nupepa Kuokoa and Ka Nuhou which were not produced by Hawaiians. 

      • Ka Leo o Ka Lahui
      • Ke Aloha Aina
      • Ko Hawaii Pae Aina
      • Ke au Okoa 
      • Ka Makaainana
      • Kuokoa Home Rula
      • Ka Oiaio
      • Ka Ahailono
      • Ka Nai Aupuni
      • Ka Hoku o Ka Pakipika
      • Home Rule Republika
      • The Liberal


        • Get a journal and journal in Hawaiian
        • Use your phone, ipad, laptop, notebook to jot down notes
        • While listening to videos or audio recordings write down what you hear and use it as material to study when you sit down to study
        • Social Media - Comment and message in Hawaiian! Our handles @kaulumaika & @ka_alala


        • We suggest you read aloud and or start talking aloud to yourself to practice
        • Family and friends - use as much as you can with your close social circle
        • Social Media - comment and message us find others to practice with


        • Wehewehe.org -  "Hawaiian Dictionary" was done by a native speaker (Mary Kawena Pukui) 

        "ANDREWS DICTIONARY" and "PARKER DICTIONARY" are recommended dictionaries as well. Both were published before the 21st century. A time when the Hawaiian language flourished amongst native and non-native speakers. They are found on wehewehe.org (listed above).

        Purchasable Resources 

        If you have to spend money, we recommend this book. The author, Dorothy Kahananui is a native speaker.