Nā Lei o Hawaiʻi


References and Translations

Thank you for your support and interest in Nā Lei o Hawaiʻi! I just loved making this book. I learned so much about Hawaiian plants and fell in love with them as I spent months examining them. As this book was written completely in Hawaiian, I was really grateful to have Kahea Faria and Maluhia States help me with editing my book. Kahea is a Native Speaker from Niʻihau and Maluhia is a student at UH Manoa. As a family, we continually look to Native Speakers as guides and are so humbled to have them share their mother tongue with us.

Since this book is written in Hawaiian, I am including the translations for certain sections below. I hope these help you in your learning process!


"Thank you to Maluhia States and Kahea Faria. They helped in the making of this book.

The plants inside this book are from Hawaiʻi and Kahiki. They are precious plants and we have a resposiblity to take care of them.

More information about this book can be found at: (this page you're reading right now)

This was handmade by Emily States. If you have a question or desire to use parts of this book please contact me on Instagram, my website, or my email."


"For my unforgettable children. I love you both."


All of the plants in these books are unique to Hawaiʻi and are explained in one of these three ways:

"No Hawaiʻi a me Kahiki mai" - Native to Hawaiʻi as well as other places

"Ma Hawaiʻi wale nō" - Native only to Hawaiʻi

"mai kahiki mai" - From other places or in the case of this book: Polynesian introduced

I used a number of resources as references while I painted the pictures in this book. They were helpful in cross referencing names for the plants and where they come from. While I didn't copy any of the pictures, they helped me construct the lei that I imagined and subsequently painted. 

Here is the list:

Growing Plants for Hawaiian Lei

Starr Environmental

Bishop Museum

UH Botany

Hawaii Horticulture

Hawaiian Plants and Tropical Flowers

Hui Kū Maoli Ola

Hawaiian Newspaper

Nā Lei Makamae