Restocking Questions

So you see something that you like that's sold out?? I'm sorry! I really am! I know I hate it when that happens for me!

Unfortunately I don't have great news for you. Most of our items are limited edition prints and items and once they are gone, they are gone forever. Occasionally we bring things back, but that's rare and never guaranteed. The reason we don't bring things back is because it takes all my time to have a family and run a business that is moving forward into the future. By the time I put out a new product I am usually working on 3 more for the next month and I just don't have the time to go back and do restocks for everything I put out. Another reason why I don't do restocks is because I supply a lot of fabric to small local businesses and I don't want to oversaturate their markets with my prints. I want them to be able to sell their goods with ease, knowing their customers don't have a chance to find those items anywhere else! 

So yeah that's a few reasons why, but wait! I do have good news for you afterall! Chances are that if you like something I've made in the past then you'll like something I make in the future. I am always trying to improve myself as an artist, mom, Hawaiian, and designer so hopefully you'll stick around to see if I can bring you something new that you might like too. If you follow me on Instagram or join my mailing list then you'll get first news on when new items and designs come out.

Please always remember that we are so grateful for your support! Your time, attention, and hard earned money are so important to you and to us! They make a huge difference in our lives and in getting our message and mission across. E mau aku ka ike Hawaii!