Nā Lei o Hawaiʻi

Nā Lei o Hawaiʻi


While painting, designing, and creating is my passion, it's not easy pairing it with business. Business means serving people, and people come with expectations - most of the time unrealistic ones.

One of the greatest gifts this book gave me was the opportunity to work with Leilani from The Keiki Department. Even with her greater years of experience and success, she had the humanity to show me kindness throughout the entire collaborative process. I learned a great lesson from her that you can be a good shop owner and person at the same time. 

Along with the experience of doing a collaboration, I had the chance to learn about Native endemic and indigenous plants here in Hawaiʻi. Prior to doing this book I didn't know the difference between the two or anything about these plants, but now I feel a deeper connection to these plants. When I see them outside, it is like seeing a good friend.

Finally, it is my greatest joy to see my books and content used in the home. My home or yours, it is just so special to share a connection to one another and our ancestors through language.

I understand that a super soft, handmade, minky book is not for everyone in our community ;p but the Hawaiian Language is and so I've made this free downloadable handout for you and your family. Use it to learn and practice the pīʻāpā together! Don't forget to share it with others and with me! Tag me on social with your pictures of you practicing. 


If you have purchased the book and are interested in more information about the plants and translations of the pages then please click here.


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